Innovation Culture Institute

Innovative companies are five times more profitable than less innovative companies, and are 50% more resilient to economic downturn. But starting with innovation is like building a house from the second floor. You don't start at the second floor. Innovation Culture is at the first floor, but it is built on a foundation of trust. The Innovation Culture Institute offers assessments, workshops, training, coaching, and overall consulting services to help companies build strong teams, develop those team, and manage change.

Our Consulting Services

Team Building

The first step in becoming a great organization is building great teams. Great teamwork is built on trust. Trust is what turns a group of creative and productive individuals into a creative and productive team. We build teams and team work through assessments, workshops, and coaching, in that order.

Team Development

The second step after building trust in a team is to equip the team with the right culture. We help teams learn how to adopt a culture of autonomy, accountability, and constructive disagreement, and avoid a culture of bureaucracy, CYA, and destructive or politically correct disagreement.

Change Management

Change requires innovation, and hence our name. After building trust and a culture of innovation, we shift our focus to the generation of ideas, setting simple strategies, building execution plans, and deploying skills of pragmatism, creativity, and empathy internally and externally to drive successful change

Our Books


Dr. Yoram Solomon has published 16 books, 22 patents, and was one of the creators of Wi-Fi and USB 3.0 technologies, for which he was dubbed "TI's Great Innovator." Dr. Solomon was named by Innovation Excellence as one of the Top 40 Innovation Bloggers, and by Thinkers 360 as one of the top 20 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Culture. He was a columnist at Inc. Magazine, Innovation Excellence, and other publications, where he published more than 300 articles.

Dr. Solomon holds a PhD in Organization and Management from Capella University, an MBA from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, an LLB from the Tel-Aviv University Law School, and an Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering from Ort Singalovski College. He completed the executive Marketing Management Program at Stanford University and the Developing the Strategic Leader program at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) in Colorado Springs. Dr. Solomon is certified by CCL to administer the KEYS and SKILLSCOPE assessments and is an authorized provider of school board training by the Texas Education Agency.

He has founded several startups and sold a startup company in Silicon Valley. He has held various positions from General Manager of a $100m business unit in a Fortune 200 company to a Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Innovation, and to CEO.

Dr. Solomon is an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Southern Methodist University, and formerly at the University of Texas at Dallas.

A National Speakers Association Professional Speaker, he spoke in several different national and regional conferences, including the Human Resources Southwest Annual Conference, the Association for Strategic Planning National Conference, CDX Annual Conference, Meeting Planner International (MPI) Annual conference, and many more, to audiences in excess of 2,000, both in-person and virtually.

Yoram was the host of the first TEDxPlano in 2014, and spoke at TEDxOakLawn in 2018. His customers include a wide range of Fortune 500 companies as well as startups, for-profit, non-profit, and government organizations, in a broad spectrum of industries from technology to retail, healthcare, defense, and education. He served companies such as AT&T, Dannon, Amway, Texas Instruments, Medical City, and many more, who described his keynotes and workshops as transformative.

In 2015, he was elected to the Plano Independent School District Board of Trustees. Yoram served in the IDF 35th Airborne Paratrooper brigade and as a USAF CAP pilot and Aerospace Education Officer.


What Previous Customers Said

"As we are heads down with our daily work, its easy to lose track of innovation and the creative spirit. While many think it’s like lightning and uncontrollable, Yoram and his research show otherwise. Yoram came in and engaged our multi-site teams both with science and humor and gave the organization a basis for which to invoke creativity as opposed to waiting for it to possibly arrive. The team truly enjoyed the session as well as left with a set of tools to help in future innovation."

- Director, Big Data Platform Development, AT&T

"Preparing the workshop was easy, it was like they knew exactly what we needed. I am impressed with the level of knowledge, commitment, and incredible easy way to communicate. Yoram helped us see ourselves from a different point of view, analyze the opportunities, and use our creativity to help us to move to the next level."

- Performance Manager, The Dannon Company

"We walked in to the workshop with unknown expectations and left enlightened with a clear Strategic Intent and set of rules. Dr. Solomon created an environment that allowed us to be open and truthful with ourselves allowing us to understand where we were and where we wanted to be. He helped guide us through the process that allowed us to discover and develop our real strategic intent as well as the rules that we needed to achieve it."

- Sr. Manager, Product/Process Engineering, DRS

"I've seen first-hand how Yoram can transform organizations so they are able to predict technology trends, unleash their creativity, and successfully launch new products based on these insights. He is an absolute master at blending real-world experiences with unique perspectives making him the ideal change catalyst for any group."

- Training Manager, Texas Instruments